Celebrities Go for E-Commerce

Some people just have it all. These “people” I’m referring to are the celebrities – their talented, beautiful, rich and famous and all these they can use to their advantage to become more talented, more beautiful, more famous and definitely richer.
This apparently is the case with Jessica Alba, Cash Warren and Baron Davis. Jessica Alba is one hot mama whose got a hot papa fiancée. She famous and beautiful and is now endorsing the newly launched website that her sexy fiancée Cash Warren co-founded. Most other companies will have to pay millions of dollars just to get Alba to endorse any of their products or websites. But Warren, he’s getting it for free and if not, definitely far cheaper than any other company. Why? Because connections are one of the resources needed in business and in this case, Warren’s connection is famous and well-liked clean-girl Alba.
I know this as I was reading an article in Venture Beat. Apparently Davis can also be considered a connection but I believe that he’s more than a connection. As the article states, he is an investor so endorsing the site, using his name and his fame to get people to go to the site will further his investment and provide him with more income…. As if he doesn’t have enough.

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