Your coworkers’ habits that can drive you to kick them out

There’s one  or more, in every office.  Seemingly naive or oblivious or just testing your patience that obnoxious behaviors had made them butt of jokes and snide remarks at the workplace and that their colleagues would give them a berth if they could.

Should any of these highly annoying office habits hit home, it’s time to reevaluate how long your going to last in the office or if you’re the victim, well, consider this as a form of poetic justice.

1.  Allowing their cellular phones to just ring and ring for eternity. There maybe two rationales for this, either they want the whole room to hear their ringing tone or they just want to have a little noise amidst the quietness of the office Whichever reason, it’s not music to the ears.

If you’re the one who does this: If you choose to keep your cell phone in the office, discover the vibrate option.

2.  Eavesdropping while you’re on the phone. It’s really annoying especially if they they are standing on the doorway waiting for you  to get off the phone, even if it’s a personal call.

If you’re the one who does this: If you’re trying to get hold of that person on the phone, hand them a note saying you want to speak with them.

3.  Eating smelly food. Worst thing, they eat it at your desk.  No amount of air freshener or spray can get rid of the smell and it will stick to your clothes.

If you’re the one who does this: Stick to the non-smelly stuff, or eat it out of the office. Always wash off the odor from your hands or brush your teeth in the restroom after eating the smelly stuff.

4.  Eating other people’s candy. Then they would actually “steal” it from your desk’s drawer.

If you’re the one who does this: Bring your own.

5.  Wearing too much cologne. Even if it actually smells good, anything in excess is bad, even to the nose.

If you’re the one who does this: Go easy and learn how to apply cologne withour overdoing it.

6. Playing music too loudly. Even if the song they’re playing is the office’s national anthem, the loudness distracts everyone.

If you’re the one who does this: If you have a radio or an music player or your phone has one, keep the volume very low.

7.  Tapping the pen. Again, it’s distracting, especially if they are actually tapping to a tune of a song.

If you’re the one who does this: Save your musical ambitions during weekends.

8.  Having personal arguments over the phone. Yes, we can’t avoid bringing our problems into work, but then, but not taking it in its literal sense.

If you’re the one who does this: As much as we’d like to keep it private, even if it’s in our own cubicles, they’re not. So keep it at a low.

9.  Picking at the ears or the nose. The sight is just annoying and a little disturbing.  Especially if you’ll see something actually came out of the nose or ears. And they they would stick whatever they picked in their shirt of desk. Ugh.

If you’re the one who does this: Do it in private.

Even if you are the one who does these things or the victim of these annoying habits, what needs to be done is to have a civilized talk and point the annoying habits.  I believe everything can be settled in a civilized conversation.  We don’t want to get injured at the office, right? Minor annoyances are expected when working in the office, but if they aren’t stopped, it might get physical.

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One Comment on “Your coworkers’ habits that can drive you to kick them out”

  1. Brent Says:

    Wow, do I ever go through all of these, except for the picking?

    Sorry if that bothers you… 🙂

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