Hilarious Signs

I’m the type who goes around to walk a lot — I don’t know why, I just feel like taking a walk to wherever it is I need to go. That doesn’t mean I’m all that fit, but you get the point. Along the way I bump into signs and what not. I wish I had taken photos of them but too late now, good thing I saw these.

If the shoes make a man, signs make an establishment. Though in some cases no matter how oddly put together something is, works twice as fine than the orthodox way of putting them together. One that didn’t work was a sign that said Furnitures for a 70 percent off, mid-season sale. It kinda threw me off — I mean how could anyone miss a sign that huge. And for a furniture warehouse owner, you should at least be able to know what the grammatical ins and outs are. Heh!

Then again, it could just be one of those signs to actually pick up attention. I mean it caught my attention, didn’t it? It even made me write about how brilliant YEAH I think it is.

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One Comment on “Hilarious Signs”

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