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Gadgets to heat up the summer fun

April 30, 2008

If there is one thing that some guys will endear in a girl, it is not the typical silent, one question, one answer girl who’d bore any guys if they are out on a date. What most guys love is, a girl that will carry any conversation, even lead you if you run out of things to say. That is the type of gal you will love to kill a dreary Saturday night with over coffee at Starbucks.

But that is not all! Most guys would appreciate girls who have interest in what guys are interested in, other than girls. It’s the inner-boyish heart they have. It is the love of cars and gadgets.

Every time guys visit malls and pass by these inviting tech shops, we always get tempted to try and buy the newest gadgets that will make you cooler than anyone else. Just last week, I saw this hit summer gadget. A rapid beverage cooling machine, with its patented process, will chill canned and bottled drinks in a matter of minutes.

Why let a little thing such as being underwater keep you away from listening to the music? With an aqua radio, you can enjoy those fine tunes while swimming away and sing away with the fishes just like in the show, the little mermaid.

At the end of the day, you will realize that those gadgets are just gadgets. What you need after a long tiring day is someone to talk to and be with you. Gadgets may massage you with comfort but nothing beats a massage from your one and only! I assume you know which one here is the priority, right?