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An ‘Iron Man’ Mini-Review

May 6, 2008

So yeah, I watched Iron Man over the weekend and it was EPIC GEEKGASM. It really was a good idea for Marvel Studios to go ahead and make movies on their own rather than relying on Hollywood studios, and you can really see that they have total control over what goes on the film. Everything was spot on, the right actors, awesome effects and the right people to do it.

As an origin story people were skeptical when it was first announced but then again Iron Man’s origin wasn’t a normal one. Tony Stark was a self-centered scotch downing playboy who happens to be a weapons manufacturer, until he got hostaged by terrorists and was asked to make weapons of mass destruction for them. It’s here that he realized that his creations are being used against the people that he’s trying to protect. With him realizing his responsibility, using the parts he was given to make weapons, he creates the first crude Iron Man suit and escapes capture. Building a more powerful suit with advanced materials, he then sets up on a noble quest to rid the world of the weapons that he had created, and find out who was giving them to the wrong hands in the first place.

I also want to commend them for the excellent casting. Robert Downey Jr was dead-on as the alchoholic playboy Tony Stark, and the way he handled Stark’s witty lines were amazing. It’s great that Marvel had the guts to have a superhero like him come up on a movie that’s meant for a wide audience.

Jeff Bridges was also fantastic as the two faced Obadiah Stane. From the way the movie was structured, he doesn’t start off as the obvious villian, but gradually his true nature is revealed and Bridges does it menacingly so.

Gwyneth Paltrow played Tony Stark’s personal assistant Pepper Potts, which is certainly not the usual damsel in distress you’d expect in a superhero movie. In fact she was great as a foil to Stark and even a key player in the movie’s climax. And as expected, Terrance Howard showed that he’s one of the best character actors around as Tony’s best friend, Jim Rhodes. The foreshadowing for his eventual role as War Machine was also one of the most geektastic moments in the movie.

As expected the effects were awesome! I couldn’t even tell when they used CGI or not. Getting Adi Granov to design the movie Iron Man suit was pure genius. Surprisingly, even if Favreau wasn’t an ‘action director’, the action scenes in the movie were thoroughly enjoyable, and even unexpected for a film getting a GP rating. They definitely showed that unlike heroes like Batman or Spidey, Iron Man’s not reluctant in killing his enemies.

Clearly Iron Man was made with geek love, and it worked wonderfully. Thanks to Marvel and Jon Favreau for delivering a hugely satisfying flick. Iron Man is definitely the best comic to movie transition yet, and the sequel can’t come soon enough. Oh and don’t forget about the extra scene after the credits! Really sweet foreshadowing of things to come!