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5 dance floor move turn-offs

May 16, 2008

Sure, dancing isn’t really a big deal when it comes to dating, but women do take it a bit more seriously than we thought. And I am one of those who really don’t dance well, but I’m pretty decent and just do a little swaying around and then that’s it. Though it’s a winner, it’s not either a turn-off but these can spoil the date.

1. The Moonwalk move

This was a hit move back in the 80’s, but now, it is as ancient as Jacko is. A little trivia, it was only improved by the king of pop and was actually created by a French mime, Marcel Marceau. Unless Thriller is played, it is best to just reminisce this move.

2. The Achy-breaky move

Billy Ray Cyrus’ era is over but he has his daughter, Miley, to continue the family tradition. I remember it was taught in our physical education class and back then my friends and thought it was already off the track. Only my teacher was the only one who seemed to enjoy it. And with all the high-paced beat songs right now, the side-steps won’t do score you any good points.

3. The Carlton dance

Now this is funny, but only when to the beat of Tom Jones’, ” It’s not unusual”. If you do this on a packed dance floor, you might turn heads for the wrong reason.

This is one of those ancient moves that you need to really get out of the system. It’s like doing a chicken flap move but a little bit more awkward.

4. The Laundrymat move

This move consists of 3 phases. As if you’re actually doing laundry; you squeeze, you drain and you hang your hands in the air. I remember seeing a few highschool girls back then who actually did this and their giggles were so loud and at first glance, it seemed cute, but when overly-done, it did made them feel stupid during our prom.

5. The Egyptian dance move

Now, I don’t have anything bad against the Egyptians. It’s just the way some people have interpreted the way they move they head while making the hand gestures.

Maybe we guys should ought to learn a few salsa or swing moves.  If we can add a little flair and humor to the mix any one of these  and other worst dance moves can be pulled of with great success. The trick is having actual dancing prowess to be able to back up your dice throw and make sure it is known you are only throwing them bones for the comedic value. But there are times that a little goofing off and trying to get the women to get along could actually work.